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Your IP tells a lot of information, like from where you are, what is your hostname, service provider, DNS and more. It is an identification number. The P means Protocol, so this identification number is given to a terminal on a network that uses the internet protocol (IP). This IP allows any device in the network to identify itself and communicate with other devices in the same network connected under the same Protocol. There are dedicated websites available to let you view our IP and other information.

For example, if you have signed up on the WordPress website, it offers public IP addresses. You can get to know its IP address if you visit your hosting provider or check the email that you received while signing up on WordPress.

Extensive tools even let you perform IP Location Lookups, IP Whois Lookups, Internet Speed Tests, Proxy Detection, and much more. Looking up your IP is essential as it tells you the city, ZIP code, or area code of your ISP and your ISP's name, which is your physical location.

In addition, IP addresses guide data from the sender end to find its destination and reach the intended online recipient. Thus, it is of prime importance in any network.

In this What is my IP finder tool, you will only be shown your IP address at first. My clicking Show More Details button you can see every IP data that exists and that too very accurately. This IP finder tool is very useful in understanding how your browser is using your IP when you visit this website and others. You can also use it to check if your VPN is working fine or not. Just toggle the VPN and see if the IP address changes.

If you want to look up the address of your IP or any other IP, please use this tool: