Weight Converter

This weight converter tool is ideal for converting between various weight systems. We provide a real-time weight conversion tool that'll help you to convert between units, such as pounds to kilograms, kilograms to pounds, ounces to stones, and so on effortlessly.

The Pound to kg converter can convert any weight units into the correct form without adding more effort to your workload. There is no need for an additional calculator for conversion purposes because the tool on our website has all of the essential calculative characteristics. The lbs to kg, kg to pounds conversion tool not only convert pounds to kilograms but also converts your Number to various other weight units.

Convert from Pound to kilogram, kilogram to Pound.

Converting from one weight unit to another by hand can be simple (for example, to convert from kilograms to grams, simply multiply kilograms by 1000) or difficult (for example, converting from pounds to kg or kg to lbs). Still, with a weight converter like this, everything becomes as simple as pie.


With this weight converter, you can convert kilograms to pounds (and vice versa), grams to ounces, or any other units you like. The following is a list of units this converter offers:

  • pound (lb)
  • gram (g)
  • kilogram (kg) 
  • ounce (oz)
  • carat (ct)
  • milligram (mg) 
  • metric ton (t) 


How to use the Weight converter tool?

To convert weight, Enter the value you want to alter to other units in the "From" area. Then, select the weight unit of the value you entered and click on calculate button. The conversion occurs instantaneously, and the results are displayed in all the other weight units without a second's wait.