Volumetric Flow Rate Converter

Our volumetric flow rate converter, believe it or not, is valuable in fluid mechanics and daily concerns. For example, it will help determine the flow rate of a garden hose or shower head and how much blood your heart pumps each minute if you're interested to know. The volumetric flow rate passing through a device over time is measured. Volumetric flow rate is commonly measured in meters3/second, milliliters/second, or feet3/hour.


Volumetric flow units

We provide a total of 28 distinctive volumetric flow rate units. Those are:

  • Cubic kilometers per second
  • Cubic meters per second
  • Cubic decimeters per second
  • Cubic centimeters per second
  • Cubic millimeters per second
  • Cubic inches per second
  • Cubic feet per second
  • Gallons per second us liquid
  • Gallons per second imperial
  • Liters per second
  • Cubic miles per second
  • Acre feet per second
  • Bushels per second imperial
  • Cubic kilometers per minute
  • Cubic meters per minute
  • Cubic decimeters per minute
  • Cubic centimeters per minute
  • Cubic meters per second 
  • Cubic millimeters per minute
  • Cubic inches per minute
  • Cubic feet per minute
  • Gallons per minute
  • Gallons per minute imperial
  • Liters per minute
  • Cubic miles per minute
  • Acre feet per minute
  • Bushels per minute 
  • Bushels per minute imperial

How to use the Volumetric flow rate converter?

This converter and conversion scale will convert gas or liquid's volumetric flow rate (V/t) to the equivalent value in other units and provide a list of associated conversion values.

  • In the upper input box, enter the volume flow rate value to be converted.
  • To specify the flow rate measurement unit, pick the relevant volumetric from the upper selection boxes.
  • Click on the calculate button.
  • The converted rate of flow value will display below.