Time Converter

Suppose you're playing a 10-second water challenge with your buddies. And you want to know how many seconds it took to drink a whole bottle, Or if you wish to compare the duration of other countries' national anthems in minutes? Then, you may need a time converter tool. 

Let's say you drank 1 whole bottle in 0.5 minutes. So, how many seconds does it equate to? It is where we use this calculator to find out seconds from minutes. 

A time converter is a tool that allows you to convert time into different formats. 

How to convert the time?

We represent the time by hours, minutes, and seconds. A day is traditionally defined as 24 hours. An hour has 60 minutes, and a minute has 60 seconds. In other words, one hour equals 60 minutes, one minute equals 60 seconds, and a millisecond is 1/1000 of a second. As a result, the conversion factor here will be 60. To convert seconds to minutes, just divide the value of seconds by 60 and simplify the result to obtain the time in minutes.

These assumptions may deduce all relationships between the units utilized in the time unit converter. So let's sum them up:


1 y = 365.25 d


1 w = 7 d


1 d = 24 h


1 h = 60 min


1 min = 60 s


1 s = 1000 ms



To convert 80 seconds into minutes, we divide 80 by 60

= 80/60

= 8/6 minutes

= 1.3333 minutes

∴ 80 seconds = 1.3333 minutes

How to use the time converter?

Enter the Number into the field with the relevant unit to convert between time units. The time unit converter will compute the value in all remaining units, and the results are displayed on the screen in various other time formats.