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Both VTT and SRT are file extensions of simple plain text files. It contains supplementary data about a web video, including subtitles, captions, descriptions, chapters, and metadata. VTT and SRT files do not contain any information about the video. Almost all online or offline video hosting services, such as YouTube and Vimeo or MX player, allow users to caption or subtitle their videos using VTT files or SRT files. Subtitles are highly needed for translating a scene to deaf people.

SRT to VTT converter lets you convert files from .srt to .vtt. Firstly upload a .srt subtitle file that you would like to convert into the converter. Then Select Web Video Text Track (.vtt) as the output file format as the output file and click on the button to start the conversion. Within minutes the tool will generate the required .vtt file. Next, download the converted file and use it accordingly to watch videos with subtitles. This tool is required most of the time since many video players support only the .vtt file, but you may have the subtitle file as a .srt file.