Roman Numerals to Number

Do you find it difficult to read roman numerals printed on clock faces, chapter numbers, copyright in publications, and numbered lists? This Roman numeral to number converter will convert any given roman numeral to a number for you.

Roman numerals were the standardized method of counting in ancient Rome adopted from the Etruscan numbers system and are mostly used for counting. The middle Ages made minor changes to the original system of numbers used in the classical age. This led to the numeral system still in use today, where letters are employed to express values as numerals.

Today we use Roman numerals in movie credits and titles and construction foundations. In addition, they appear in the names of kings, popes, ships, and competitions like the Super Bowl and the Olympics.

Roman Numeral Symbols

There are 7 letters used to represent the roman numerals.

            I = 1


  • V = 5


  • X = 10


  • L = 50


  • C = 100


  • D = 500


  • M = 1000


How to convert roman numeral to number converter?

Roman numerals can be changed into numbers by following the process explained below:

  • Roman numerals should be written individually.
  • Write each symbol separately after converting it to its numerical representation.
  • To obtain the Number, add up all the numbers.
  • Let's use an example to grasp this better.

CXII can be expressed as a decimal number using the formula below: A number is represented by each Roman numeral. The symbols C, X, and I stand for 100, 10, and 1 correspondingly. The numbers are now put together, giving us CXI = C + X + II = 100 + 10 + 2 = 112 is denoted by the Roman numeral CXII.


How to use the roman numeral to number converter?

  • Enter the required roman Number in the text box 
  • Click the "Convert" button to convert numbers to Hindu-Arabic numbers. 
  • There you go!!.