Remove Line Breaks

The Line Break Removal Tool helps you by removing line breaks from blocks of text, but at the same time, it keeps paragraph breaks (optionally). It is pretty handy with this tool, and you do not need to spend hours manually removing line breaks. The tool is very easy to use and will remove line breaks from any Text.

All you have to do is copy and paste the text you want to format into the input field or directly upload the text file into it. Then click on the "Remove line break" button to start the process.

You will get a well-formatted and beautified text on the output field within a few seconds. You can copy it to the clipboard and use it anywhere you want. You can beautify any text from any source here - be it - an Instagram post or a PDF column, or a distorted email.

The best feature of this tool is that it does not distort the paragraphs while correcting the line breaks, so you do not have to worry about getting a massive block of text as output.