Reactive Power Converter

If you wish to save money on energy, you've heard of a KVAR unit or KVAR energy savings appliances. Although, Active power is the energy used to drive a motor, heat a home, or light an electric bulb, reactive power is responsible for voltage regulation. One cannot deliver active power if the voltage on a system is insufficient. Reactive power is utilized to supply the voltage levels required for active power to do productive work. We continually strive to decrease reactive power to increase system efficiency. It is okay to some extent, but if the system is completely resistive or capacitive, it may cause certain problems in the electrical system. There are 2 types of power AC systems supply or consume Real power and Reactive power.

Real power does practical work, whereas reactive power maintains the voltage, which must be managed for system dependability. In addition, reactive power significantly impacts power system security because it impacts voltages across the system. To distinguish it from active power, reactive power is measured in "volt-amperes reactive," or var. We may simplify these units to watts, but they are left as var to indicate that they do not reflect real work output.

There are three different terminologies for alternating current electricity. The first is the kilowatt, which denotes actual power. It is the unit of measurement used to record electricity on utility meters located on the side of your property. The second type of power is reactive power, measured in Kilovolt-Ampere Reactive (KVAR). Kilovolt-Ampere Reactive is a unit of measurement of reactive power used in the transmission and distribution of electric power. However, you do not pay for this, which is why KVAR does not appear on your energy meters. The third term is apparent power and is referred to as KVA.

How to use the Reactive power converter?

  • Enter the value in the first box 
  • Choose the appropriate category from the dropdown menu
  • Finally, click the calculate button, which displays the result in various other formats.