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QR Code Decoder

A "Quick Response Code Decoder" or "QR Code Decoder" is used to translate a QR code back to its linked URL.

QR Codes stores vast amounts of data in them. All this data is shown instantly to the users after scanning the code, and this is why it is called the "Quick Response Code."

QR codes are mainly used to directly access a URL or download an application on the Apple App Store or Google Play. It can also authenticate accounts and passwords. These can also access Wi-Fis, perform monetary transactions and much more in a fraction of seconds. A QR Code Decoder is essential as it is solely responsible for fetching the data to the end-users.

The QR code decoder examines the QR code by splitting the whole code into smaller grid sections. Then it examines each grid square and assigns a single value depending on if the grid square is black or white. Then these smaller grid squares are grouped accordingly into larger patterns to decode those. These decoders are solely responsible for giving us the data swiftly and why money transfer or restaurant food menu viewing has become so convenient. Websites mostly use QR codes to authenticate something or redirect users to a different URL.