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Percentage Calculator

A percentage calculator is a tool that helps you perform the simple calculations of What percent of X is Y? You can use it to calculate the percentage of marks obtained in a test. For that, one has to enter the marks they received along with the overall marks to determine their exact exam percentage.

How to calculate the percentage of marks?

A percentage is a number expressed in a fraction of one hundred. And to calculate the percentage of marks, divide the total scores by the number of marks achieved in the examination. Then multiply the result by 100.

The percentage is one of several ways to indicate a relationship between two numbers (the other methods being ratios and fractions). We use Percentages widely because they may depict situations involving huge numbers. For example, estimating bank interest rates, deciding the final grade of your course, or the volumetric proportion of CO2 in the air, also commonly expressed by PPM - parts per million.

We normally use the % sign as the percent indicator, but we also call it by pct. It indicates that 10% is the same as 10%, 10pct, 0.10, 10/100, or 10 hundredths. That's all there is to it, and this % calculator is a tool for working with decimal fractions and percentages.


Suppose 500 is the total score obtained by you in the examination out of 2000 marks, then you divide 500 by 2000, and then multiply it by 100.

Percentage of marks =(500/2000) x 100

Percentage= 0.25 x 100

Therefore, the percentage of marks obtained is 25%.