Number to Word Converter

Although we often write numbers in digits, there are occasions when we must additionally write them in words to double-check the figure and make it easier to understand. Especially if you've ever written a cheque, you might have noticed that you must write out the amount verbally. In case you're in a hurry or not well proficient in English, you may take the aid of this tool to write a cheque. A number-to-word converter is an amazing tool that converts numbers into word format. 

These converters are helpful when testing across browsers. For instance, if you're building a web application that prints check or create invoices, you must spell out the dollar numbers in English. Unfortunately, it is difficult to write a function that does this conversion. Hence the code should include a unit test. Various single-digit and multi-digit numbers would be the input to this exam, and the output would be words that would be used to pronounce the numbers.

How does the Number to word calculator work?

Our Number to word converter converts numbers in text format, such as "75," into numbers in numeric format. For instance, 6.22 becomes "six point two two" and 44.766 "forty-four point seven six six." The only drawback of this Converter is that the Number should be greater than zero. Hence you cannot use negative numbers with it. 

How to use the Number to word converter?

You must follow the procedures below to translate numbers into words.

  1. Type the quantity you wish to change to words in the text box.
  2. Click on the "convert." button

.3. It will display your Number in word format within a matter of seconds.