Margin Calculator

If you want to know the margin percentage of a product, stock, or currency exchange, this margin calculator will be your best buddy in finding it. The term "margin" can refer to various things depending on the context. For example, it can be the difference between the selling price of a product or service and its cost of production or an investor's equity contribution as a percentage of the current market value of securities or shares held. Or else it can also be the fraction of an adjustable-rate mortgage interest rate added to the adjustment-index Rate. And this margin calculator lets you calculate margins in all 3 segments.

Profit Margin

Profit margins are one of the widely used and extensively utilized financial measurements in business. An income statement measures a company's profit at three levels, beginning with the most basic—gross profit—and progressing to the most comprehensive: net profit. Operating profit exists between these two. Profit margins for all three are calculated by dividing profit by revenue and multiplying by 100.

Stock trading margin

The equity margin calculator allows you to enter your equity stock trade and understand the margin requirement. In addition, the TradeSmart stock futures margin calculator allows you to determine how many shares you can purchase using the Margin in your account.

Currency exchange margin

A currency exchange margin can be regarded as a good faith deposit required to retain open positions, akin to a security deposit required for renting. It is, however, not a fee but rather a percentage of account equity assigned as a margin deposit.

How to calculate the Margin?

  1. Select the segment for which you want to calculate the Margin from the dropdown menu.
  2. Determine your Cost—for instance, $10.
  3. Determine the gross profit by deducting the cost from the revenue. $50 - $30 = $20
  4. And click on calculate. And there you have it.