Loan Calculator

Loan Calculator

You will almost certainly need to take out a loan at some point in your life. Whether you're purchasing a car or a house, establishing a business, consolidating debt, dealing with unforeseen bills, or paying for a college education, there will be times when you need more money than you have in savings. This loan calculator can assist you in calculating the monthly installments on the loan. Then, input the loan amount, term, and interest rate in the slots. 

Borrowers can use the Bankrate loan calculator to compute amortized loans. These are loans repaid in regular increments over time, with fixed payments that cover both the principal and interest. Our calculator calculates the entire cost of a loan as an annual percentage rate or APR. Loan calculators can provide answers to issues and assist you in making sound financial decisions.

Our loan calculator can assist you in understanding the costs of borrowing money as well as how loan installments may fit into your budget. It considers your preferred loan amount, repayment term, and interest rate. In addition, you'll be able to see an expected monthly payment and the amortization schedule, which breaks down the principal and interest payments you'll make each month.

Remember that our loan payment calculator only provides an estimate based on the information you enter. In addition, loan fees, such as a prepayment penalty or an origination fee, may increase your costs or reduce the number of loan funds you receive.

How to use the Loan calculator?

  •  Enter the loan amount, Rate of interest and the loan term.
  • Click on the calculate button 
  • It will show you the total monthly payment with the total interest and cost of the loan. And there you have it.


Note: This loan payment calculator does not consider any additional mortgage-related fees, such as homeowners insurance or property taxes, which may impact your monthly mortgage payment.