Javascript Obfuscator

Javascript Obfuscator is exactly the reverse of a DeObfuscator. An Obfuscator converts the original source code into a new and hard-to-understand form, ensuring protection, privacy, hard copy and no unwanted code modification.

A Javascript Obfuscator does the same thing for a JavaScript source code.

The obfuscated code retains the exact functions of the original code, and only the representation form is changed.

Any Obfuscator, be it a javascript one - does the work by transforming values of variables, functions or arguments.

They may also rename strings, remove a few or even update a few.

It is how the original code gets converted into an unreadable format.

The primary purpose of a Javascript Obfuscator is to defend a code from being stolen.

JavaScript is already one of the most popular languages and is present in almost every website that we open on the web.

Not only experienced developers have access to these bits of code, but also naive ones can access them.

As Javascript is an interpreted language and one can easily access the code of any webpage, it is essential to protect it from unwanted changes.