JavaScript Minifier

A JavaScript Minifier does minification (also called minimization) of the javascript source code. It is the process of omitting all unnecessary and unwanted characters from JavaScript source code without changing its intended meaning and functionality.

A Javascript Minifier mostly removes comments, whitespace, semicolons, line breaks and new lines. It may even use shorter variable names and functions to help compress/minify the file. The minifier ensures the functionality of the code. As mentioned earlier, it replaces the original variable names with shorter and more efficient variable names and ensures that references are appropriately substituted. Also, it never changes the eval statement, resulting in possible overboard effects. You can copy-paste the code in the minifier or upload the file as a whole. Minification is a process done on a code for a web application written before the application is distributed. When users open a web page in their machine browser, the minified version is sent from the server instead of the original version. It ensures a faster page load and lower bandwidth costs.