Javascript DeObfuscator

Javascript DeObfuscator is a tool used to restore the source code of any program into a readable format.

Deobfuscation is nothing but the reversal of the "obfuscation" performed on any program to make the source code difficult to read and understand by any third-party users.

A Javascript DeObfuscator restores any program by unpacking arrays that contain strings, numbers and such.

Then these literals are used to replace references.

It also simplifies arithmetic expressions and concatenated strings.

A Javascript DeObfuscator also deletes any proxy functions, array proxy functions or arithmetic proxy functions from the source code.

It also renames various hex identifiers to convert them into readable formats.

Code beautification also takes place while performing DeObfuscation.

For example, a Javascript DeObfuscator can convert a computed member expression to a static one.

Lastly, it also performs Experimental function evaluation.

Multiple Javascript DeObfuscator tools work in different ways.

Some can work very well, while others are moderately good.

Whale Code Obfuscation is necessary, but it may be a disadvantage in certain cases.

That is why we also need DeObfuscators to help us understand the JS source code when needed.