JavaScript Beautifier

Javascript Beautifier is a user-friendly tool that allows its users to beautify, format and improve the quality of the JS (JavaScript) file data.

You can copy and paste the Javascript file into the beautifier, and the beautification will be done.

It also allows you to load the Javascript URL to beautify it.

Beautifying also means making the file more compact and neat without altering its meaning or losing relevant data.

Thus, it may also change variable names and minify the file.

You can choose the indentation level and the braces in the file, and according to that, beautification will occur.

In simple words, a Javascript Beautifier allows you to make your code clean and more formatted.

It checks the file and provides proper indentations, spaces and newlines to make a code easily readable and understandable.

It can be beneficial to developers as it allows them to quickly read a code snippet and format or debug it accordingly.

It does support copy-paste or file upload features.