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Image Enlarger

Image enlarger is a free, online, easy-to-use tool that can enlarge your images within seconds. The easiest way to enlarge any image is to make them bigger using this tool. Select an image, enter a new size, and boom, you get an enlarged image. This tool allows you to enlarge any image to the exact pixel size. You can also enlarge using a zoom factor. i.e., a 400% zoom will make your image 4 times bigger than the original size. Select and upload any picture you want to work on from your computer or laptop to use the tool. You can choose the file directly from your device or use the drag and drop option. You can also enter the URL of any image you want to enlarge though the maximum upload size is 5MB, and the image must be in jpg, png, gif or BMP file format. Next, you need to select the output file format (jpg or png). Next, set the zoom factor (decimal values are allowed), target width, target height of the image and click on the "convert" button to start the process. Within seconds you will get the enlarged image, and you can directly see it on the website or download it.