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Image Cropper

Cropping an image is needed when you want to eliminate unwanted elements, modify aspect ratio, change orientation, focus on an object or enhance the overall composition. Cropping is probably the most used image processing technique. Image Cropper is an online tool that helps you crop an image without compromising its quality. With this tool, you can easily crop any PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, and WEBP image. Best of all, it is a free tool. The tool is very easy to use:
1.    Upload the image you want to crop through the drag and drop option or use the direct upload from the device option.
2.    Adjust the image's dimensions and specify what aspect ratio you want for your cropped image.
3.    Click on the "crop" button.
Your desired cropped image will be ready within a few seconds, and you can see it in the output field or download it into your device. The online tool is compatible with chrome, edge and firefox as well.