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ICO is a file format used for image storing, especially image icons. ICO file format is used in Microsoft Windows Operating systems to store icons. It usually contains bitmap images in different color support, size, and resolutions to suit the requirements of the display. Also, ICO files are used as favicons in websites to help websites brand themselves easily.ICO supports 24-bit color images. In contrast, PNG or Portable Network Graphic format is an image format that stores raster images. It makes use of 2 stage compression methods. PNG is not used as a file format for image printing as it supports only the RGB color model. Now ICO to PNG Converter is an online tool that allows you to convert image files from ICO format to png format. The tool is very easy to use. First, select the input format as ICO and the output field as PNG. Then select the file from your device or drag and drop it into dropbox. You can specify options like width, height fit, strip or quality of the output PNG file if you want, or it already has a default option set. Next, click on the "convert" button to start the process. Your PNG file is ready, and you can directly download it from the output field and save it on your device.