HTML Beautifier

HTML Beautifier is a user-friendly tool that allows its users to beautify, format and improve the quality of the HTML file data. You can copy and paste the HTML code or file into the beautifier, and the beautification will be done.

It also allows you to load the URLs to beautify them as well. Beautifying means making the file more compact and neat without altering its meaning or losing relevant data. The tool can Format an HTML string or file, or URL with the indentation level you desire. The formatting rules are not changeable, but you are guaranteed the best possible output. It provides the HTML code with proper indentation.

The online HTML Beautifier tool can also beautify the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and JS (javascript) between the style and script tags. Just load the source file into the beautifier using the drag and drop option or direct upload to use the tool. Then, click on the button to begin the beautification. The process would be complete within seconds, and then you can download the converted file and use it. Beautifying the HTML code makes it highly readable and understandable to most developers as it shows the standard format/indentation.