GST Calculator

GST Calculator

GST calculator is an easy-to-use online calculator for calculating the GST payable for a month or quarter. This calculator is useful for various users, including buyers, manufacturers, and distributors. The GST is the same as VAT (value-added tax). Even the GST definition is the same as VAT. Governments impose it on goods and services at every relevant stage of the distribution chain. When manufacturing sells to a wholesaler, for example, it includes it. When a wholesaler sells it to a retailer, it adds it but can receive the original amount back. In practice, the tax levied at this level is solely applied to the net price (the difference between the manufacturer and the wholesaler). On percentage-based GST rates, the easy GST calculator assists you in determining the gross or net product price. In addition, it aids in the appropriate calculation of IGST or the bifurcation of the Rate between CGST and SGST.

How to use the GST calculator?

Follow these simple steps to use the GST calculator:

Step 1: Enter the following information:

  • The net price of a service or good and the applicable GST rate, which might be 5%, 12%, 18%, or 28%.

Step 2: Press the 'calculate' button. GST calculator will provide the net and tax amounts as well as the final/gross price of the products and services to be billed.

GST Calculation Formula

The taxpayer can use the following formula to calculate GST. You can use the formula below to calculate the net price of a product after applying GST and deleting GST.

The GST computation formula is as follows:

  1. Include GST: GST Amount = (Original Cost x GST %)/100

Original Cost + GST Amount = Net Price

  1. Subtract GST: GST Amount = [Original Cost x 100/(100+GST percent)]

Original Cost - GST Amount Equals Net Price.