Frequency Converter

Everything in the universe vibrates at a precise frequency and wavelength. In India, the alternating current (AC) frequency is 50 hertz. And it differs from one country to the next. As a result, electrical items built for India should be designed with the AC frequency in mind. But manual calculation consumes a lot of time. Hence, this is the perfect tool you need for that job!

This Frequency Conversion tool calculates the comparable frequency in various hertz ranges. Hertz is the SI unit for measuring frequency range. 

What is the frequency?

The number of cycles performed in a unit period is described as frequency, where the SI unit for frequency, the Hertz, equals one cycle per second.

The frequency equivalent to one cycle per second is known as a hertz (Hz). The metric system's unit of frequency derived from SI is the Hertz. Therefore, the unit of measurement for Hertz is the Hertz, which may be expressed as 1 Hz.

We can use the formula Hz = Cycles / Time to convert the frequency to Hertz.

Conversion Factors

The following units of frequency converted into Hertz (SI units for frequency) are used by this frequency conversion tool:

  • millihertz (MHz) 
  • Hertz (Hz) 
  • kilohertz (kHz) 
  • megahertz (MHz) 
  • gigahertz (GHz) 
  • terahertz (THz)
  • revs/minute (rpm)
  • degrees/second (deg/sec)
  • radians/second (rad/s)

How to use the Frequency calculator tool?

  • To calculate the frequency in multiple ranges, pick the input frequency hertz range from the list and enter your input value.
  • Then click on calculate
  • It will give you the result in the various Hertz ranges indicated above. Frequency Hertz Range Conversion is frequently used in alternating current power. This calculator also computes RPM, Revolution, and Radian per Second. The frequency conversion ratio shown below is used in this calculator to convert data from one range to another.