Each Converter

If you ask for a dozen papers, nails, or cookies, you will receive 12 selected items, right?. However, the baker's dozen measure, sometimes known as the devil's dozen, long dozen, or long measure, exists. The baker's dozen is one dozen more than the ordinary dozen, for a total of thirteen.

Long dozen is a medieval English measurement. For bakers, the law was stringent, and overpricing bread might result in harsh penalties and floggings. Because it's impossible to find baked items of the same size and weight every time, bakers opted to include one additional item just in case.

They would rather toss a few additional goods than risk the penalty; occasionally, they even added one more product, and the consumer ended up with 14 items after purchasing a dozen.

If you purchase a dozen doughnuts today, you normally receive 12 donuts in a box.

But let's assume you're not a baker and you're given a little more complex, such as, "How many dozens are in 33 pieces?" you may need an Each converter in this case. It is where this tool will come in handy for you.

How to use Each converter tool?

  • Type the value you wish to convert into the first box. example: Type 25.
  • Select the unit for that value from the given dropdown box. I.e., either each or dozen.
  • Click on calculate, and results will appear in each dozen.