Discount Calculator

A discount is a reduction in the total cost of products or services. It denotes that an item is sold at a lower price than usual. Discounts are typically expressed as percentages. It may, however, be a fixed amount off the original price of goods or services. A discount calculator is a useful tool that displays the price of goods and services after a discount and the amount saved. Again, the discount could be a fixed sum or a percentage off.

The discount calculator consists of a formula box where you enter the price before the discount as a percentage or an amount and the discount as a percentage or an amount. The discount calculator displays the price after the discount and the amount saved.

How does a discount calculator work?

The percentage discount can be calculated as follows. For example, you may compute the sale price of a blouse that normally costs Rs 2,000.

If the bat is 40% discounted, you must convert the 40% to a decimal (40/100 = 0.4). You have a total of Rs 2,000 * 0.4 = Rs 800. The discount is then subtracted from the original price as Rs 2,000 - Rs 800 = Rs 1200. The bat's price is Rs 1200. You have saved Rs 800 on the purchase of the bat.

How to use the discount calculator?

  1. Determine the initial cost (for example, $100).
  2. Calculate the discount percentage (e.g., 20% )
  3. Click on calculate button
  4. Thus it'll show you the discounted price and the savings you make on that product or service.