CSS Minifier

CSS Minifier is a tool that eliminates the unwanted and unnecessary characters in the CSS source code. Doing so shrinks the size of the file and allows you to load the file quickly on any website.

This CSS Minifier erases white spaces and line breaks from the source code and removes all the comments. The ending semicolons of a style and extra semicolons are removed as well. It also omits empty CSS declarations and variables having a null or zero value. The floating-point values' starting '0' digit is also omitted.

Other than simply removing unwanted data, it also changes a few things.

CSS Minifier also changes RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color values into their equivalent hexadecimal values as the size of HEX values to represent a particular color is smaller. It also makes sure to retain a single charset value for every CSS file by eliminating all extra declarations in the file. Lastly, even NULL values can be converted to '0' (zero) if plausible and do not affect the source code logic.

Thus, when users load the webpage, this compressed and minified file is sent to the user machine instead of the extended version. It helps to gain faster response times and lower bandwidth costs. It also improves the website speed and accessibility and, in turn, also improves the SEO ranking values.