Area Converter

Area Converter

An Area converter is a tool that assists you in switching between any area units from both the metric and imperial systems. It allows you to convert between acres, hectares, square feet, and many other units. It can also calculate how many acres are in a hectare, eliminating the need to quarrel with your neighbor. This tool allows you to swap between dozens of units in a fraction of a second.

To facilitate quick calculations, this tool includes all the essential units from both the Imperial and Metric systems, making it simple to transition between them in real-time. such as:

  • square meters
  • square kilometers
  • square centimeters
  • square millimeters
  • square micrometers
  • hectares
  • square miles
  • square yards
  • square foot
  • square inches
  • acres

You can use the area converter in any order. Firstly, enter the information you already know. Then select the unit of that value, and you'll get the results in various other units in no time. Our area converter is very handy when converting across systems, such as square feet to acres.

How to convert area using the area calculator?

Our tool contains a large number of area units that are ready to be used in your computations. For example, finding areas in determining how much space a building has or solving some other area-related mathematical problems.

All you have to do to use this area of a square calculator is follow the steps below.

  1. The first thing you'll notice on the screen is a Unit Converter with various tools in its menu. Enter your desired value in the box. 
  2. After entering a value, you can select the value unit from the options below the field. 
  3. You'll get converted results within a fraction of seconds.