Angle Converter

If you want to know how far away a tower is from you and what angle the earth makes with the tower's top, you can make an educated guess as to how tall it is. But sometimes, you want to be accurate with the results. And that's where our angle converter comes in handy. This angle calculator converts between different angle measurement units such as Degree, gon, radian, mil, and many others.

What is an Angle?

Angles play a crucial role in our daily lives. Angles are all around us—food items like nacho chips, a slice of pizza, or a piece of cake. Angle is formed when two lines cross.

Engineers use angle measurements to design structures such as buildings, bridges, homes, etc. Carpenters use angle measurement tools like protractors to construct furniture such as cupboards, tables, and beds. Our homes' wall clocks, built by clock hands, display the angle. Scientists use angles to find the circumference of our planet or the size of the moon. And much more.

How to convert the Angles?

A conversion factor is used to execute conversions. Converting between units may be as easy as multiplication if you know the conversion factor:

S * C = E


S = initial value

C = conversion factor

E = final value after conversion.

1 degree =

  • 1 degree
  • 0.0175 radians
  • 1.11 gons
  • 60 minutes
  • 3600 seconds
  • 0.0111 quadrants
  • 0.0167 sextants
  • 0.0333 signs
  • 17.8 mils
  • 0.00278 revolutions

How to use the angle converter?

This angle converter will convert any angle unit to the equivalent value in other units and provide a list of associated conversion values.

  • In the first input box, enter the angle value to be converted.
  • To specify the flow rate measurement unit, pick the relevant volumetric from the upper selection boxes.
  • Click on the calculate button.
  • The converted angle value will display below.